The US 340/US 15 Interchange project, located in Frederick County, is for the construction of a new Diamond Interchange between the new Jefferson Technology Park development and US 340/US15. The proposed interchange is located approximately 4200 feet south of the I-70/US15/340 interchange and will provide access to MD180 Jefferson Pike through the Jefferson Technology Park, a proposed mixed-use development located between MD180 and US 340/US 15. Work adjacent to US 340/US15 is approximately 0.60 miles in length.

The work will consist of the following: Construction of a new Diamond Interchange, including ramps to and from US340/US15 at the new connection (Street A) to the Jefferson Technology Park development; Construction of a new bridge over US 340/US15; construction of seven (7) new retaining walls; construction of a new screening fence; full depth replacement of paved shoulders along US 340/US15; construction of curb and gutter and channelization islands at Street A; installation of new drainage systems and modifications to existing drainage systems; construction of two (2) stormwater management facilities; demolition of existing and installation of new traffic barrier w-beam, end-treatments, roadway signing, lighting and pavement markings; installation of new landscaping; and, MOT.

This work is being performed by Jefferson Park Development under permit from SHA. Concrete General is the general contractor and Century Engineering is providing Quality Assurance and construction management. When finished this interchange will help alleviate congestion at the existing MD180/US340 interchange.


Construction of this interchange is being funded through bonds issued by Frederick County. The bonds are to be repaid through Tax Incremental Financing of the Jefferson Technology Park.


Jefferson Park Development, Inc.

10000 Falls Road, Suite 100

Potomac, MD 20854


David Duncan



Concrete General, Inc.

8000 Beechcraft Ave

Gaithersburg, MD 20879


Butch Lundgren



Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP

81 Mosher Street

Baltimore, MD 21217


Robert Gillespie, PE



District 7 Office

5311 Buckeystown Pike

Frederick, MD 21704


Eddie Poffenberger


US 340/US15 Interchange Project In this section you'll find the latest Bridge Schedule, Interchange Exhibit and full Construction Plans for you to review and download. All information is updated regularly so please make sure you visit again for the most current information.



The interchange approaches the finish line with the completion of the bridge and ramps. The finishing touches are now underway. The remainder of the signage will be installed in the coming weeks. Landscaping is also scheduled to be completed in December. Repairs on the wood screen fence will also be completed. Winter has finally arrived and growing season is over for grass so there will be some additional stabilization that will occur in the springtime.

SHA and County inspections have begun but until these inspections are completed the interchange will remain closed to the traveling public. Until such time the existing traffic pattern of the westbound ramp from US 340 will be maintained; some of the signs will remain covered; and the barrels will remain in place until the interchange is cleared and ready to be opened to the traveling public. As part of the testing procedures the new streetlights will be on 24 hours a day for 30 days.

The improvements along Jefferson Pike, which connect the interchange to MD Route 180 are underway and will be ready early Spring 2015. Also, within Jefferson Tech Park the homebuilders will be starting their models which will also be opening for sales this coming spring.

Note: The speed limit has been lowered to 55 mph with Maryland State Police and the Maryland State Highway Administration photo enforcing this. See SHA’s website for more information regarding their Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program.


PROGRESS PHOTOS   Updated – December 2014

Bridge Schedule   Updated – December 2014

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US340/US 15 Interchange   Updated – January 2014

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Construction Plans   Updated – January 2014

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