July 18, 2002 

JBOCC adopted the update to the Frederick Region Plan with “an expanded Office/Research area designated between US 340/US 15 and MD 180 for a High Tech/Research Park.” All of ATP designated Office Research on Plan with Crestwood Blvd extended shown as an overpass across US 340/US 15. South side of MD 180 zoned ORI, north side of MD 180 zoned A.

September 30, 2004 

Water and Sewer Plan Category Change application submitted to P&Z for Howard farm (W-5 Dev/S-5 Dev to W-4 Dev/S-4 Dev). (WS-04-14)

June 2005

BOCC adopted the FY2006-11 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) with the MD 180/US 340/US 15 Interchange included as a developer-funded project Effective date of MXD rezoning ordinance 05-14-375

June 23, 2005

FCPC public hearing and approval of Preliminary Plan (S-1136)

December 14, 2005

Preliminary/Interchange TS&L Plan submitted

March 2006

Army Corps Wetland Permit Secured

May 10, 2006

FCPC signature of APFO Letter of Understanding (LOU)

June 2006

BOCC adopted the FY2007-12 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) with the Jefferson Place (MD 180/US 340/US 15) Interchange included in an appendix as a developer-funded project

July 5, 2006

Mass Grading Permit for entire 173 acres Secured

October 11, 2006

FCPC public hearing and approval of Site Plan (and re-subdivision Preliminary Plat) approval for 825 condominium units

October 27, 2006 

Letter from MDSHA approving break in US 340/US 15 access

April 17, 2007

Letter from SHA approving the TS&L for the US 340/US 15 interchange

July 19, 2012

Board of County Commissioners approved Tax Increment Financing

February 2013

TIFF Approval

June 2013

SHA Interchange Permit

July 2013

Funding $39,000,000 TIFF