Over the past several years, the Frederick County Office of Economic Development has envisioned a development within the MD 340/MD 180 corridor west of Frederick. Having both the Office/Research Industrial (ORI) Regional Plan designation and zoning in place for some 200± acres. Jefferson Place has made this a  a reality with the construction of a new interchange, road improvements, water and sewer to set the tone for development of the Counties premier employment center.

In keeping with the most recent trends of successful employment centers around the country, Jefferson Park Development, Inc. envisions a truly mixed-use community designed to a higher standard where people can live, work and recreate. The neo-traditional development concepts presented herein will provide a focal point for the entire project. Comprehensive thematic streetscape and architectural guidelines and covenants will assure build-out of this critical initial phase occurs in an aesthetic and harmonious fashion to set the standard and enhance the long-term value of the overall project.

The inclusion of an urban mixed-use center not only raises the bar, but provides the private infrastructure funding mechanism needed to implement the County’s employment growth objectives.


“ Employers in today’s business market desire the same amenities as do their employees. Employers are starting to choose headquarters and office sites that are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and residences. Similarly, workers are starting to choose their places of employment based on which amenities are nearby.”


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